Artist SpotlightMayday

Sat Oct 01 2022

Founded in 1997, over a thousand million records sold, held more than a thousand live concerts across Asia Pacific, America and Europe, Mayday (五月天) has been dubbed as the “Asian Beatles” by The Washington Post. The mandarin-language rock band was formed by five music talents, Monster 怪獸 (leader, lead guitar), Ashin 阿信 (vocal), Stone 石頭 (rhythm guitar), Masa 瑪莎 (bass) and Kuan-you 冠佑 (drums). Mayday released their first album in July 1999, there have been nine albums since then. All members have been heavily involved in the albums’ composing, recording and producing. Mayday’s music reflects the life, love and career of young Chinese generation’s voices. What Mayday represents is not only their belief & creation in music, it is their perseverance in pursuing dreams, to all fans of Mayday, everyone could be Mayday.