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Matt McCorkle

Matt McCorkle

Matt McCorkle is a New York-based sound designer who uses sound to help people experience the world in new ways. He has created immersive sound installations for institutions including the American Museum of Natural History, Google and Joe’s Pub. He also co-founded CDZA, a viral YouTube music channel that translated pop culture through music.

A recording engineer by trade, McCorkle started his career in music and has worked with artists including John Legend, Papa Roach, Fabolous, Liza Minnelli and Jon Batiste, among others. His field recording projects have taken him from the Amazon rainforest to a kayak in the Pacific Ocean, where he spent time recording a pod of humpback whales.

McCorkle’s current project, Sound Voyage, is an augmented audio experience that uses sonic geography to help people learn about our world. The project mixes field recordings, coding, spatial audio processing and voice user interfacing to create generative listening experiences. Sennheiser’s Ambeo systems are pushing forward a new dimension of sound experiences that perfectly align with McCorkle’s mission to bring new audio experiences to life.

To get a sneak peak of some of the sounds used in his project, please visit Sound Voyage