Reykjavík University

Reykjavik University creates ideal conditions for hybrid classes with TeamConnect Ceiling 2

The client

Reykjavik University is a vibrant, student-centered university with an international faculty and students originating from all over the world. The core activities of the university are teaching and research with strong ties to industry and society, emphasizing interdisciplinary work, international context, innovation and service excellence.


The challenge

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, Reykjavik University quickly needed to decide on a solid, reliable AV solution for remote learning. One important aspect of the deployment was to find a microphone solution that would work in compliance with the new hygiene protocols.


The solution

As touchless microphone solution, TeamConnect Ceiling 2 was installed in nine classrooms of about 160 m2 which are laid out for about 60 students. The rooms are used for hybrid teaching and online conferences. The ceiling mic’s priority zone is used to acoustically emphasize the teacher’s area in the classrooms. Exclusion zones are used to ignore noise from projectors and ventilation.

“We knew that Sennheiser offers leading technology and that its portfolio is very corporate-oriented.”

Arnar Egilsson, IT support manager at RU

Even before the installation of TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2), Reykjavik University (RU) was familiar with Sennheiser as a leading brand in the AV world known for its high-quality solutions as the university already used Sennheiser products from the business portfolio, namely products from the SpeechLine Digital Wireless system. A decisive criterion for RU to choose TCC2 was this familiarity with the brand. “We knew that Sennheiser offers leading technology and that its portfolio is very corporate-oriented”, says Arnar Egilsson, IT support manager at RU.


Individual zone control for the best hybrid learning experience

With TeamConnect Ceiling 2, staff at RU can set up ideal acoustic conditions for hybrid communication in education thanks to the option to define a priority zone (allowing a single area in the room to be highlighted) and up to 5 advanced exclusion zones (for pinpoint targeting and removal of unwanted noise sources). At RU, the priority zone is used to highlight the teacher’s presentation area. The staff defined one exclusion zone in order to ignore noise from fan noise from projectors and ventilation. Both the priority zone as well as the exclusion zones are activatable and configurable with the Sennheiser Control Cockpit software.


Perfect interoperability with manufacturer agnostic approach

The RU team was impressed by the quick and easy installation of TCC2 as well as Sennheiser’s expertise in the latest tech that was needed for the implemented solution. “The system was up and running in no time. It also works perfectly with solutions from other manufacturers like Crestron and Biamp”, says Baldvin A. Baldvinsson Aalen, AV specialist at RU. This interoperability with solutions from other brands is especially important to Sennheiser. That’s why the company follows a “manufacturer agnostic” approach with Sennheiser Global Alliances – strategic partnerships with other innovative technology driven companies and vendors.


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