Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM)

Hybrid classes with touchless audio at Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM)

The client

The UFM was founded in 1971. It is one of the top universities in Latin America with 17 faculties and schools.


The challenge

Due to regulatory requirements during the COVID-19 pandemic, UFM had to reduce occupancy in its lecture halls and seminar rooms. For hybrid classes with on-site students and remote participants, the university needed to find a holistic audio solution to make the content accessible to all students.


The solution

UFM chose TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC 2) to provide high-quality audio for 49 classrooms and faculty lecture halls. TeamConnect Ceiling 2 proved to be an ideal choice, as the ceiling microphone’s innovative technology, such as automatic beamforming, delivers both: excellent sound reinforcement for in-room events in classrooms, lecture halls and meeting rooms as well as remote audio transmission. The completely touchless ceiling microphone also reduces the hygiene risk by 100%.

“TCC2 has completely revolutionized connectivity and communication in conferences, meeting rooms and virtual encounters.”

Fernando Falla, Managing Director FAREI

An efficient solution for high speech intelligibility

UFM wanted a professional audio solution without having to provide a separate microphone for each instructor. UFM's AV/IT team found TeamConnect Ceiling 2 to be the most efficient solution that allowed them to create a natural acoustic environment for hybrid classes and create a comfortable listening experience in classes and online conferences.

After technical evaluations, the university opted for a complete infrastructure overhaul to provide state-of-the-art audio technology. A decisive factor for UFM was the support provided by a company that is an expert in the implementation of high-end solutions. The choice fell on Sennheiser partner FAREI, which specializes in integrated solutions for business communication.

“What impressed us the most is that all Sennheiser solutions help us achieve extremely clear audio: Testing and installation are quick and easy, and the result is maximum audio quality in rooms and auditoriums, without echo and with excellent acoustics,” says Annie Falla, project and service manager at FAREI.

Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM) chose a high-quality audio setup and installed 60 TeamConnect Ceiling 2 ceiling microphones in its classrooms and auditoriums. 


Perfect fit audio for any room

The implementation was challenging because it involved multiple scenarios for different types of classrooms. Each room required different audio coverage. Some classrooms were particularly challenging due to sound reflections. TCC 2’s Exclusion Zones helped define areas where audio should not be detected, such as doorways or hallways. TCC 2’s Priority Zone was chosen in rooms where the teacher’s voice should be prioritized. For a flexible product like TeamConnect Ceiling 2, with features designed precisely for these individual requirements, this was an easy task. Learn more about the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 touchless microphone solution and the benefits, such as easy installation, freedom of movement and high speech intelligibility: TeamConnect Ceiling 2.


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