Artist SpotlightAida Cuevas

Fri Aug 25 2023

Aida Gabriela Cuevas Castillo (born September 24, 1963) is a famous Mexican singer and actress who has created one of the most important careers in the traditional Mexican and Latin American music. Affectionately known as "The Queen of Ranchera Music”, With a 42-year artistic career, this Grammy and Latin Grammy Award winner and nominated singer has released 39 albums, selling more than 8 million copies worldwide. Cuevas is a master of the Mariachi art song, offering a full range of mariachi numbers including her falsetto heavyweight “El Pastor ” and "La Cigarra", her iconic Juan Gabriel hits including “Te Doy Las Gracias,” “Te Vas a Quedar Con Las Ganas,” and “Quizás Mañana,” to the people pleasers “Traición a Juan,” “Me Equivoque Contigo,” and “No Me Amenaces.” Her unique voice and style have allowed her to cultivate a successful career spanning decades, leaving a remarkable imprint in the history of Mexican music. Among thousands of achievements include one Grammy Award and one Latin Grammy Award.