Artist SpotlightLali Espósito

Mon May 03 2021

Mariana Espósito, known as "Lali", is a famous argentine actress and pop singer. Lali made her first steps as an artist in 1998 starring in several television series from Cris Morena. Her popularity began as co-star of the teen series "Casi Angeles" where she started her career as a singer and toured around Latín American, Spain and Israel with the "Teen Angels", the spinoff-band of the serie. In 2013, Lali began her solo career under 3Musica's production. Her first album, "A Bailar" was the revelation pop album of the year with fusion of hip hop, pop, dance, R&B, dubstep and electronic. After two years of performing #ABailarTour, in 2016, Lali released her second album "SOY". She defines it as a work where she shows how she truly thinks and feels. With her #SOYTour and #LaliEnVivo's shows, Lali presented her work allover Argentina and in Spain, Italy, Israel, USA, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay, among others. In August 2018, she presented her last album "BRAVA" her third work studio produced by 3musica. In 3 days since its launch, “Brava” exceeded one million streams on Spotify and in less than a week the new album reached the gold status in Argentina. BRAVA is an incredible collection of hits that have an innovative sound and reflects her enormous musical growth as a singer and a songwriter. Throughout 12 songs, Lali manages to dazzle with her proven talent for pop, adding impeccable incursions in the field of urban music. This third studio album includes collaborations with great figures of the Latin world such as Abraham Mateo ("Salvaje"), A. Chal ("100 grados"), Mau & Ricky (”Sin Querer Queriendo") and Reik (”Mi última Canción"). In 2018, Lali was invited as director of Talento FOX, the first talent show of Fox LatAm, where she participates as a jury with Diego Torres and Wisin.