TeamConnect Family

TeamConnect Family

Made for collaboration


Sennheiser’s industry-leading agnostic, unified communications meeting portfolio with state-of-the-art technology.

Meet Sennheiser’s industry-leading TeamConnect Family – your agnostic, unified communications meeting portfolio with state-of-the-art technology that suits you and the size and setup of your conference room. Building on over 75 years of German engineering, it redefines expectations for unified communications, meeting and lecture solutions through problem-solving, user friendly and longlasting products with a modern look and design in proven Trusted Sennheiser Audio Quality.

To ensure maximum flexibility for our customers, each product can be combined with other compatible Sennheiser or third-party products and is easily configured and controlled with the Sennheiser Control Cockpit.


Sennheiser's TeamConnect range is revolutionizing corporate audio communication, offering a suite of products designed to facilitate seamless collaboration. The Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC 2) stands out in this lineup, delivering trusted Sennheiser audio quality by using dynamic beamforming technology to capture perfect speech intelligibility from every corner of the room with exceptional clarity. This makes it an ideal choice of ceiling microphones for large sized meeting rooms, ensuring that no participant's voice goes unnoticed.
The Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling Medium (TCC M) is another key product in the TeamConnect range. It combines high-definition audio with an intuitive user interface through Sennheiser Control Cockpit, ensuring seamless communication and making it a perfect fit for businesses adapting to remote work trends.
The Sennheiser TeamConnect Bars (TC Bars) are the latest addition to the TeamConnect portfolio. These all-in-one conferencing devices blend trusted Sennheiser audio quality with a 4K Ultra HD camera, ensuring your virtual meetings and video conference calls are as effective as they would be in-person. Available in two sizes, the TC Bar S is designed for smaller meeting rooms, while the TC Bar M suits mid-sized meeting spaces. Compatible with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and other video conferencing platforms, the TC Bar is user-friendly in any setting.
For those seeking scalability and convenience, the Sennheiser TeamConnect wireless connectivity via Bluetooth provides an excellent solution for your conference system which can be controlled through our Control Cockpit software. The brand agnostic integration options also allow the TeamConnect Family to be a part of any efficient setup. This product delivers superior audio quality and wireless connectivity, allowing for easy setup and use in various meeting configurations.
In summary, the Sennheiser TeamConnect range, including the TeamConnect Ceiling 2, TeamConnect Ceiling Medium, and TeamConnect Bars, offers a comprehensive solution for all your corporate communication needs. By investing in the TeamConnect range, businesses can significantly enhance their meeting experiences, ensuring smooth, productive, and engaging sessions for all participants. Harness the power of Sennheiser's TeamConnect and transform your corporate communication today.

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