Artist SpotlightJessi Uribe

Sat May 02 2020

With a career spanning more than 15 years, Jessi Uribe has managed to conquer the heart of Latin America with his talent. Since 2013 he began to reap hits such as "Repítela", "Me dices que te vas" and "Matemos las ganas", but it was in 2017 with "Dulce Pecado" when he reached the top of the charts in Colombia as well as 399 million reproductions of said single on his YouTube channel. He continues his successful career with “El Último No” and collaborations with international artists during the following years, including Espinoza Paz, Américo, Paola Jara, among others. Jessi Uribe is a proud user of the 6000 Series, EM 6000, SKM 6000 and MM 445 capsule.