Artist SpotlightPeter Maffay

Fri Aug 25 2023

Peter Maffay, born in Romania in 1949, is one of the most successful German musicians. 19 of his albums reached number one in the German album charts, making him the undisputed record holder in Germany. Last year he celebrated his 50th stage anniversary and his 70th birthday. Most recently his new album “JETZT!” was released, with which he is going on a big anniversary tour through 22 cities in 2020. Peter Maffay stands for the best German rock ‘n’ roll and a unique success story. However, the musician does not only sing about his vision of a better world in his songs: The “Peter Maffay Stiftung”, named after its chairman, was founded in 2000. The foundation takes care of traumatized, chronically ill and disadvantaged children. Peter Maffay knew early that as a public figure he wants to take responsibility for socio-political issues. Peace, freedom and democracy have always been of the utmost importance to him. Peter Maffay takes position, such as in his book, published in January 2020, “Hier und Jetzt – Mein Bild von einer besseren Zukunft”, his plea for a better coexistence between people and nature. He has received many awards for his social commitment: the European Cultural Award, the “Bundesverdienstkreuz” and the “Bayrischer Verdienstorden”.