The Star Performing Arts Centre

As a premier performance venue located within an integrated hub, The Star Performance Arts Centre Singapore boasts of a state-of-the-art purpose-built 5,000-seat theatre, a 770-pax multi-purpose event hall and a 144-pax premium roof-top venue. In recent times, the venue has sought to refresh its audio offerings to ensure it retains its position as a top-ofrange event space.

After understanding the challenges of shrinking frequency availability, The Star Performing Arts Centre (PAC), decided for the implementation of Sennheiser‘s Digital 6000 Series and the SK 6212 bodypack as their new main wireless audio solution.

Sennheiser and its extensive portfolio of products boast a renowned brand name across Singapore with our specialised team of audio engineers led by Faz Salleh, Senior Consultant Professional Audio Solutions and Kenan Phang, Senior RF Engineer, the Sennheiser team affirmed that frequency interferences have always been a primary concern in view of shrinking spectrums for wireless microphone operations. Therefore, The Star PAC’s technical team made the move to futureproof its offerings and ensure it is prepared to meet any technical deficiencies head on with the Sennheiser Digital 6000 system.

Digital 6000 Series raises the bar of audio excellence to new heights

The Star PAC offers unparallel audience capacity and cutting-edge stage technology, and is tailormade to cater to world-class pop concerts, musicals, dance performances, pop orchestras, choirs and large-scale meetings. Featuring a lush grand stage and an intimate auditorium blending an indulgent audio, video and production lighting experience, the theatre’s sightlines are fully maximised with its premium acoustics perfect for total audience enjoyment. Designed in a horseshoe shape for an enveloping experience, the auditorium offers customised seating with the last seating row situated 56 metres from the edge of stage, resulting in an intimate setting. The installation process was carried out seamlessly with the core objective in mind to ensure minimal disruption to the venue’s daily operations and events. A portable system comprising 4 units of EM 6000 Digital Receivers, 2 units of L 6000 (inclusive of charging modules of SKM 6000, SK 6212 and SKM 6000 batteries) network rackmount chargers, and 2 sets of AD 3700 active directional antennas were involved in the entire operation.

First SK 6212 customer in Singapore

By switching their point of focus to problem-solving mode, the Sennheiser team broached the question of finding out the major pain-points and difficulties faced by their technical team, in order to best support their relevant stakeholders. Foremost, the major problem to overcome revolved around the sheer diversity and scale of events held at the venue. The Star PAC team had the great pleasure to be the inaugural customer for minibodypack SK 6212 in Singapore. Sharing on the decision to select Sennheiser as his preferred Audio Partner, Reuben Ong, Head of Audio, The Star PAC said: “The auto-setup and intermodulationfree features of the Digital 6000 system boosts the confidence of our operators as it enables them to focus on other aspects of the production. Though it might seem insignificant, the battery hot-swap feature is certainly an advantage for stagehands that are working with the wireless system. We love the SK 6212 miniature bodypack- it is neither heavy nor conspicuous and the best part, the operating time lasts more than 10 hours. Hence, the decision was made to invest in robust transmitters that meet these requirements.”