State Gallery Stuttgart

Amazingly good speech clarity with SpeechLine DW

The client

The Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, dating from 1843, is one of the most popular museums in Germany with its rich collection of masterpieces.


The challenge

The sound technology in the lecture hall of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart state gallery was out of date and needed to be renovated with modern components. The complex cabling of the fixed speakers and the completely wired microphones took up an immense amount of time during events, with the cables also creating potential tripping hazards.


The solution

Fixed loudspeakers installed on the ceiling and a Sennheiser SpeechLine digital wireless microphone system enable particularly simple operation in the lecture hall, a neat impression and excellent speech clarity.

"The new Sennheiser SpeechLine DW wireless links represent a significant improvement in terms of sound compared with the previous set-up. Hissing or static is not an issue, and speech is always clear and easy to understand—a neat solution!"

Erik Katzer, Managing Computer and media technology Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

In January 2017, the lecture hall in the Stirling building of the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart was fitted with a new public-address system. Sennheiser SpeechLine digital wireless radio links, delivered and installed by MAD MUSIC Beleuchtungstechnik GmbH, are part of the modernized sound technology. Four of the available sets are equipped with hand-held transmitters (SL DW 3 EU R Handheld Set), while four more sets (SL DW 3 EU R Headmic Set) have comfortable-to-wear neckband microphones. In addition, there are four wireless desk feet compatible with the SpeechLine DW family (SL Tablestand 133-S DW), which are fitted with goosenecks and ME 36 condensater capsules.

The emphasis at events is on broadcasting speech—microphones are needed for lectures, speeches, discussion sessions and presentations. "SpeechLine DW is perfect for these requirements," says MAD MUSIC CEO Mathias Bremgärtner.

Up to eight Sennheiser SpeechLine DW radio links are used in parallel in the lecture hall, depending on the event. "It is very simple to use, and the broadcasting works perfectly," explains Eric Katzer, responsible for computer and media technology at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart. Mathias Bremgärtner adds: "The essential prerequisite for the new PA system was that it should be easy to use—and most importantly by people without a background in sound technology."

When not in use, the hand-held and pocket transmitters are stored in Sennheiser CHG 2 charging stations, which are housed in a cabinet in the control room. Eric Katzer describes the handling of the rechargeable battery packs as "not a problem", and the operating time available is more than sufficient for normal usage in the lecture hall.

"We would have had to install antennas in the lecture hall, which would have been difficult because of the listed building regulations applying to the Stirling Building," explains Mathias Bremgärtner. "We were able to install the SpeechLine DW antennas on the interior architecture in the control room above the window facing the hall without any visual impact—technically the best-functioning solution."

Eric Katzer's conclusion half a year after the installation is a positive one: "Our new Sennheiser SpeechLine DW radio links have proved their worth in practice and I have not received a single complaint. If something is wrong with any of the events, I get to hear about it immediately. You could also say: If you don't hear a word from the users, that’s always a good sign ... "


State Gallery Stuttgart


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