Sveriges Kommuner och Regioner

Speech Clarity and Seamless Communication for Sweden's Largest Employers' Association with TeamConnect Ceiling 2 and TruVoicelift

The client
Sveriges Kommuner och Regioner (SKR) is a member and employer organization for all municipalities and regions. It supports the development of municipalities' and regions' activities, including advisory services. It was founded in 2007 and is based in Stockholm, Sweden.
The challenge
The AV provider Adestia was tasked with enhancing the communication in a meeting space accommodating 150 individuals within a tight timeline of five working days. The room needed to cope with maintaining speech clarity and seamless communication in various configurations.
The solution
Adestia turned to Sennheiser for help with these communication needs. With Sennheiser's high-quality products and expertise, Adestia successfully installed their TeamConnect Ceiling 2 featuring TruVoiceLift. This system not only met the demands of the space but also delivered Sennheiser’s Trusted Audio Quality to all corners of the multi-purpose meeting space. 

“We recognize the brand for its product quality and user-friendly features. We have been using Sennheiser for 6-7 years.”

Christopher Nyman, Solution Architect, Adestia
For Adestia, an AV provider based in Sweden, clarity and reliability are of high importance when it comes to audio. These priorities determine what technologies they adopt and who they partner with. To enhance communication in an important meeting space within Sveriges Kommuner och Regioner (SKR), The Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions, Adestia opted for Sennheiser.
Adestia’s growing relationship with Sennheiser
The decision to choose Sennheiser was rooted in a deep appreciation for the brand's commitment to excellence. Adestia prioritizes their customers' needs, and Sennheiser's reputation for delivering high-quality products that are both user-friendly and technologically advanced made them the natural choice. The familiarity with the brand and its consistent delivery of exceptional performance have solidified Adestia's trust in Sennheiser over the years.
Adestia's history with Sennheiser spans several years, during which they have installed various Sennheiser products for various client projects. From wireless microphones to ceiling microphones, Adestia has relied on Sennheiser's solutions to deliver superior audio experiences. Notable installations include the Team Connect Ceiling 2 (TCC 2) for meeting rooms and Sennheiser SpeechLine for larger meeting spaces.
Adestia’s Latest Project with SKR
Adestia's latest project involved the installation of TeamConnect Ceiling 2 featuring TruVoiceLift, designed to elevate communication in larger spaces to ensure that a person who is speaking via microphone is clearly heard through the room. The room in question is a pivotal meeting and lecture hall where monthly gatherings of regional and municipal politicians take place, fostering collaborative discussions in a space designed for versatility and functionality.
A Multifaceted Challenge for a Multi-Purpose Room
The challenge with this particular installation was that the room needed to accommodate 150 individuals while ensuring speech clarity and seamless communication across different room setups. The system needed to be versatile enough to adapt to various configurations, from theater-style seating to conference tables, all within a tight timeline of five working days. Despite this, Adestia were able to use their expertise and the system was installed and ready for action in front of a full audience that was scheduled in for a couple of days after the installation deadline.
It’s All About Customers and Partners
Close cooperation with strong partners and integrators is an important element in Sennheiser's philosophy to provide innovative communication solutions to end customers in the corporate and education sectors and to meet the most diverse needs.
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