Sennheiser X Morgan Motor

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British motor car manufacturer, Morgan Motor Company, has partnered with Sennheiser to develop a revolutionary audio system specially for its new Plus Four and Plus Six models. Whilst Morgan sports cars have featured audio systems in the past, the audio experience of the Sennheiser offering far surpasses anything that has come before it. The Sennheiser sound system delivers an enveloping sound with a unique soundstage that takes audio fidelity to its highest level.

Sennheiser has more than 75 years of experience in audio and is a global leader in professional technology. This makes it a perfect match for the Morgan Motor Company, which has been manufacturing quintessentially British vehicles for more than 110 years, combining an exceptional mix of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology. The result blends a clear focus on design with technological excellence in a system that features Sennheiser’s signature sound, aligning with the sports car manufacturer’s unique blend of craft, adventure, and analogue driving experience. Sennheiser’s tuning creates the magical illusion of a sound stage in front of the passengers, providing a high-quality soundtrack to those unforgettable drives.

Thanks to the AMBEO Contrabass algorithm, the audio system delivers a unique bass response optimized for definition, punch, and depth while keeping the system as efficient and compact as possible. The system includes eight transducers: four conventional speakers in the door and rear panel, and four invisible speakers, of which three are behind the dashboard and one in the lower compartment panel for bass reproduction. The transducers are controlled by a new amplifier with a dedicated DSP, powered by Sennheiser’s audio processing software.

The integration has been carried out in line with Morgan’s key philosophy of appropriately introducing modern technology into its vehicles. The cabin design is unaltered, and the use of invisible speakers ensures that additional weight is kept to a minimum, a must for any sports car. Even under the demanding conditions of an open-top sports vehicle, this system maintains premium sound quality.