Artist SpotlightNyusha

Mon Oct 07 2019

Нюша (Nyusha) is the performing name of Анна Владимировна Шурочкина (Anna Vladimirovna Shurochkina), a Russian pop / R'n'B singer. Nyusha writes the words and music for her songs in both Russian and English languages, and creates her own vocal and musical arrangements. Nyusha was born in Moscow, Russia on August 15th 1990 into a musical family, and first hit the studio aged five. Her current success arrived in 2007, when she finished in first place in a popular television talent show, ahead of thousands of entrants. In the show, she performed songs by Бьянка, Макс Фадеев, Ранетки and Fergie. Nyusha's first single, «Вою на луну» ("Voyu na Lunu") was released in 2009 and was nominated for several awards. Her second single, released in 2010, «Не перебивай» ("Nye perebivay") reached number one on the Russian airplay chart. Her third single, «Выбирать чудо» ("Vibirat Chudo"), commonly known as just «Чудо» ("Chudo"), reached number one on the Russian airplay chart too, and additionally in the important Moscow and St. Peterburg charts. In September 2010, Nyusha was signed to label Gala Records, which released her first album, also called «Выбирать чудо» ("Vibirat Chudo") in November the same year.