Artist SpotlightPizza

Thu Jun 06 2019

PIZZA is a musical band which was founded in 2010 by Sergey Prikazchikov who is an author, composer and arranger of all songs. PIZZA does not need any presentation to wide audience because the artists quickly and firmly captured their musical niche and gained many-thousand-army of fans. PIZZA for several years has been easily deleting genre limitations in its music – they use pop, soul, jazz, hip-hop and even funk and their manner changes from track to track though a unique style of the band is being kept. PIZZA is known and loved by everybody who appreciates special melodiousness, deep soul vocal and original texts. The following hits were created by the band: - Friday («Пятница») - Weapon («Оружие») - Elevator («Лифт») - Romance («Романс») - You Only («Тебя Одну») - To Past («Назад») For 7 years of work PIZZA released three studio albums: Kitchen, To all the Earth Planet, Zavtra (“Tomorrow”), created more than 10 videos ads which collected many-million views. The band songs became soundtracks for many films and serials: Molodezhka («Молодежка»), Two Fathers, Two Sons («Два отца, два сына»), Lie if You Love («Обмани, если любишь»), Unreal Love («Нереальная любовь»), Breakfast with Dad («Завтрак у папы») and others. Numerous nominations to Russian musical awards such as Gold Gramophone, RU TV, MUZ TV, ZD Awards, Zhara, The First National Musical Premium and others. Every year PIZZA band successfully performs more than thousand concerts in Russia and abroad. Text colored with non-standard metaphors and rhymes jointly with unique and recognizable voice of the vocalist which perfectly matches the sound line from PIZZA live band – these are the components which enable to speak about each concert of the band as a big event.