Raye Zaragoza

Season 4

There’s a story behind every song, every artist, and every audio professional. The award-winning Pro Talk Series is an exploration of those stories, diving deep into the worlds of audio engineers, musicians, and filmmakers to learn about where they came from and what it took to get where they are today.

As an artist and creator with several heritages, Raye’s story is one of race, pride, and the power of song. Growing up as a young girl of mixed race, Raye turned to music and theatre as a way to express her struggles with the anxiety she experienced living in an environment where she felt like she didn't fit in. She would soon connect with her roots and begin writing music that stood for something. Join us in this Pro Talk as we learn the story of Raye Zaragoza and what it took for her to find her voice in a world where she felt isolated and unheard.