MKH 8030

MKH 8030

The hunt for audio authenticity


Innovative open design for remarkably accurate sound

The MKH 8030 figure-8 microphone allows recording professionals to capture pristine sound over an extended frequency range in nearly any environment. It is ideal for M-S, double M-S, and Blumlein stereo recording options or wherever the highest attenuation of neighboring sound sources is required. This could be a PA system whose sound needs to be eliminated or an adjacent instrument that must not be picked up. Plus, the sound signature of the MKH 8030 has been carefully engineered to blend in harmoniously with the sound of the existing MKH 8000 series microphones.

Only Sennheiser’s MKH series offers the unique combination of all these features

  • Extended bass response
  • Extended treble range
  • High efficiency and low self-noise
  • Clear, consistent sound with no off-axis coloration
  • Low non-linear distortion 

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