Artist SpotlightDJ Fly

Wed Jul 03 2019

Dj Fly discovered the turntables in 1998. Influenced by Hip Hop, Dj Fly is enriched by musical styles such as electro, soul, funk, rock, traditional music and film music. Its power is to combine musicality, originality with its technical touch which is one of the best in the world. Originally from Lyon, Dj Fly has made his mark in several clubs and festivals in his region and country (France). Today, his talent makes him an international DJ. Attracted by scratch and technique since his debut on the turntables, Dj Fly is also noticed in DJ competitions. He then won 6 French Cups, 3 French Championships, a bronze medal at the World Championships in 2007, the title of World Champion in 2008, and was elected by public vote "Greatest DMC Performance off all times" (Best show in the history of DMC all categories combined) then won after 5 years of absence in the competitions a second World Champion title in 2013 and won the DMC World 2016 team. Always looking for new projects, Dj Fly is also a beatmaker working on his Hip Hop & Electro productions. He is also a creator and former member of the Scratch Bandits Crew. In 2010, he joined the group L'animalerie, a collective of urban artists from Lyon (Oster Lapwass, Kacem Wapalek, Anton Serra, Lucio Bukowski...) as a scratchmaster and producer. In 2013, Dj Fly releases his first E.P. "Insolite" Beyond his Dj set performances, DJ FLY is working on a new album and a live concert with musicians scheduled for 2020.