Artist SpotlightGood Boy Daisy

Wed Jul 01 2020

For some people, working with a sibling would be nearly impossible. But for identical twin sisters Hallie and Dylinn Mayes, starting a band together was the only thing that made sense. “We've never known anything different,” says Hallie. “We've spent our whole life together, each and every moment.” “We're the typical twins,” adds Dylinn. “We're best friends and we're never apart.” So when the two discovered music was their calling, they formed GOOD BOY DAISY, becoming an alt-pop duo with plenty of rock influence. “It's amazing to see how our chemistry is,” says Hallie, referring to both their onstage personas as well as their day-to-day experiences recording. “It's unfairly easy.” Raised on a steady diet of ‘90s grunge, the sisters inherited a lot of their early music taste from their father, as well as many rounds of the video game Rock Band—featuring Dylinn on guitar with Hallie playing drums. But as they began to thumb through vinyl at their local record stores, their favorite artists grew beyond Alice In Chains and Soundgarden to include more modern indie favorites such as alt-J and Matchbox Twenty. And somehow as they grew older, their music interests became even more intertwined. “We'll never complain about who has the aux cord,” says Hallie with a laugh. While they continued to jam out as videogame rockstars, it wasn’t until they saw a group of friends perform at a local show that they realized real-life stardom was within their grasp. “It was the first time we saw someone our age playing in a band,” says Dylinn. “We're like—wait a minute, you can play in a band? You can get up with your friends and play music you like? That's a thing?” “Not only that,” adds Hallie, “I had no idea that people wrote their own music. When I saw kids our own age doing it, it was a game changer.” Both of them recall coming home from that show and immediately scrambling to get their own real-life instruments. In addition to drumming, Hallie began to take on singing duties while Dylinn stayed with guitar. Before they continued with their own writing, their first sets were still full of grunge and rock covers, featuring cuts from AFI, Hole and Rage Against The Machine. “That's all we knew, so that's what came out of us,” says Hallie. “The more we developed our own musical taste throughout high school, we totally changed our sound,” says Dylinn. They began to tour every weekend while also searching for a steady writing and producing partner. “No one pushed us like we wanted to be pushed,” says Dylinn. “It was always some kind of conflict or fighting in terms of musical taste, or where we wanted the song to go,” adds Hallie. Then, they were connected with Nick Anderson, vocalist and producer for pop-rock band The Wrecks. “It’s been the most amazing experience,” says Dylinn. “Us three in a room, we have great chemistry. He brings out all of our best ideas, and then makes them a thousand times better.” “He's our triplet we've been looking for!” says Hallie with a laugh. What started as a tentative meetup to check out songs quickly turned into a full-scale project—the shining star being “Grey,” Good Boy Daisy’s first single. Combining pop hooks and dreamy production with alt-rock riffs, “Grey,” announces Good Boy Daisy’s debut with an edgy punch. “It's such a bold song, and we're bold people,” says Hallie. “It perfectly fits our first release.” “It's so catchy and fun,” adds Dylinn. “It has such an energy that we felt it would be a great first impression.” Beyond “Grey,” the trio have been working on a few other songs, which the Mayes sisters describe as “experimental.” “Our whole motto is ‘no rules,’” says Hallie. “We say it all the time when we're writing. We always want to fully go for it.” The duo are going for it every way they can; along with future song releases on the horizon, they’re more than ready to tour and play for crowds again. “We really shine when we play live,” says Hallie. “We're excited to show everyone how fun our concerts can be.” Beyond that, the two just want Good Boy Daisy to be known to the world. “As a band, we hope to become the coolest household name,” says Dylinn. “We're real people,” says Hallie, “and I can't wait for everyone to know who we are.”