Artist SpotlightNaran Surenjav

Sun Mar 08 2020

Naran Surenjav, a famous pop rock-singer with a powerful and uniquely earthy voice, became the “voice of Mongolia” on big international stages for her talent to immediately awe large crowds of every nationality. A favorite pick for large events and festivals, Naran hails from the small town of Muren in the country’s northernmost province, Khuvsgul. Born in then-communist Mongolia where learning a foreign language other than Russian and following Western pop culture and music were forbidden, Naran grew up yearning for freedom to sing what she wanted to sing, not the state-approved songs. Her love for international pop culture and her hunger to sing in multiple languages was something that wasn’t inherited or taught. It came from deep within her. Her untamed free spirit, tireless labor and grit to overcome countless barriers created today’s Naran -- a powerful singer with a commanding stage presence. She sings in English, French, Russian, Chinese and Japanese in addition to her native Mongolian. Naran composed music for her most popular songs, sang at countless shows, events and concerts, released 11 solo albums and performed many solo concerts thus far in her illustrious career. Some of the prominent stages on which Naran has performed include: UNESCO Main Hall, Paris, France; United Nations General Assembly Hall, New York, USA; Bolshoi Theater, Moscow, Russia; Astana Congress Hall, Astana, Kazakhstan; National Theater of Korea, Seoul, Korea; Naadam Stadium, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia; Bing Concert Hall, Stanford, USA; City Cube, Berlin, Germany; the World Economic Forum, Davos, Switzerland; World Expo in Shanghai, China; Saitama arena, Tokyo, Japan; and the "Asian Night” concert of Asian stars as a part of the Beijing Olympics Closing Ceremony, Beijing, China.