Artist SpotlightClaudia Leitte

Thu Oct 07 2021

1980 - The beggining of everything Claudia Cristina Leite Inácio Pedreira was born on July 10, 1980, in São Gonçalo, in the countryside of the state of Rio de Janeiro, and moved with her family to Salvador, the Bahian capital, in the early days of her life. And it was at Largo da Saúde that she spent a good part of her childhood besides discovering her taste for music there. Her roots and stories intertwine with the place full of joy, effervescence and multiculturalism. 1983 - Firsts steps towards the stag Claudia Leitte's first time on a stage was at the age of 3, on a grill stage. Taking advantage of the break made by the singer who was performing, she took over the stage and sang into the microphone: “Emilia, Emilia, Emilia ...”, theme song from Sítio do Picapau Amarelo, a literature series written by Monteiro Lobato. 1993 - A teenager discovering herself in music Still as a girl, between ten and twelve years old, Claudia already felt in her heart the dream of being a singer. Self-taught, she bought music magazines and got her first guitar chords. Still very young, at thirteen, with great courage, she embraced his first chance and debut as a backing vocalist from the Bahian singer and songwriter Nando Borges. Years later, she entered a music college, but didn’t complete it, because the career began to quickly be drawn through the Violet Band, a group of forró where she took his first professional steps. 2000 to 2011 - The achievements In 2001 she began her career as a vocalist of the group Babado Novo, in Salvador, where she reached national visibility. Her turn in solo trajectory occurs in 2008, with the great solo album “Claudia Leitte Live in Copacabana”, an event held on the famous beach of Rio de Janeiro, which gathered more than one million people. The album received gold and triple platinum records, creating several hits from the singer such as “Exttrava sa”, “Beijar Na Boca” and “Pássaros”, establishing Claudia as one of the biggest stars in the national territory. The sequence could not be better. “As Máscaras”, her next album in 2010, was nominated for the category “Best Contemporary Pop Album” at the Latin Grammy Awards. In 2011, her hit “Locomotion Batucada” is presented and broadcast to 190 countries during the final of the traditional Miss Universe contest, totalling two billion viewers. 2012 to 2014 – New styles and horizons In a big moment of the career, in 2012 she released the album Negalora - Íntimo, which reveals Claudia Leitte in a different musical style - a moment that marks the capacity of transformation of a performer and composer who does not stop reinventing herself, without denying her origins. In 2014, the year begins with another bestseller in her “Blocos de Carnaval” in Salvador, which feature Zumba Fitness as a theme, a brand to which the singer is the Brazilian ambassador. Her next project paid tribute to her roots of axé music, a movement that is part of her essence, the DVD “Axemusic”, recorded at the Pernambuco Arena in São Lourenço da Mata, metropolitan Recife, which brought hits such as “Claudinha Bagunceira”, "Tarraxinha" and "Amor Toda Hora". In the same year she was invited to be a judge on the national version of the reality show The Voice, on Rede Globo. As the only female representative on the team of technicians, she remained there for five consecutive years. Also in 2014, she release the EP “Sette” and performed in the grand opening of the FIFA World Cup with “We Are One”, official song of the event, sung by Pitbull, Jennifer Lopez and our Brazilian representative. The performance gave her uncountable compliments and a highlight around the press worldwide. 2015 and 2016 - A step out of the trivia The year 2015 was another true locomotive in her history. Claudia released her first English single "Signs", also appreciated in its Portuguese version, "Sinais", "Shiver Down My Spine", which was featured in the national film “S.O.S. Mulheres ao Mar II” and “Corazón”, with the participation of Puerto Rican rapper Daddy Yankee, becoming one of the biggest hits of the Brazilian summer of 2016, including the “Carnaval” of Salvador. With her artistic evolution full of eclectic sound investments, the singer began preparing a new album under the management of American producer Roc Nation. The news was big in Brazil and, of course, in the world. MTV's site in the US, for example, listed nineteen reasons that make Claudia Leitte a potential global popstar. 2017 and 2018 - Modern Sonority and New Hit “Taquitá” was the singer's bet for the summer of 2017. Produced in Los Angeles and recorded in Bahia, the melody, winner of several awards from audiences and critics, features traces of an original sonority of the singer. In February, during “Carnaval”, Claudia took all her energy to the brand new “Bloco” Blow Out and in the already traditional “Bloco” do Largadinho in Salvador, where she reaffirmed the success of the bet. Continuing the string of success, the singer launched the phenomenon "Baldin de Gelo". The song was pointed out in an American Billboard article as one of Latin music's biggest bets for 2017, besides adding millions of plays on digital platforms and on radio. “Lacradora”, alongside the duo Maiara & Maraisa, was her next highlight, bringing the title of most listened singer of the genre in the year. Starting 2018 with the hit “Carnaval”, partnership with rapper Pitbull, Claudia brought the singer to her Carnaval along with Zumba. “Então vem cá”, alongside Mano Walter, marked the year as one of the most performed songs on platforms and on radio. “Balancinho” and “Saudade” were her bets for the summer and a historical carnaval with the theme “O Coração da Amazônia”. Claudia Leitte is increasingly seeking to broaden her musical universe and bring to the audience songs that entertain and are heart-touching, while being part of the The Voice Kids' technical team, always bringing great joy and excitement to Sunday afternoons. 2019 The year 2019 started full of work and unprecedented partnership between Claudia Leitte and rapper Hungria Hip Hop. In January, the singer released the single and music video “Saudade” and thrilled everyone with a song that send Claudia back to her memories, stories and inspirations during her life. In February, she announced her third pregnancy: for the first time, a girl on her way. And in this place of happiness and love, she started “Carnaval” with the theme “Coração da Amazônia”. Claudia praised the diversity of our country and sustainability, which is necessary to be practiced. With all the “blocos” extremely crowded, the “Carnaval” was, once again, a success and a beautiful spectacle. After that, she released “A Million Times”, a special tribute to Mother's Day; “Matutinha”, Claudia's partnership with Mano Walter, ideal for the June festivities, with an engaging rhythm. In July, she released the single and video clip of "Missing You." The new work was a partnership with the Bahian band Filhos de Jorge and brought a romantic song, full of charm and love, in its most genuine, pure and intense state, as well as praising good memories from the past and unique and indescribable feeling. The singer’s new Project, ‘Bandera’, became on fire with the release of the single–namesake – on October first, available on every major streaming platforms. With immediate success, the song even achieved Twitter trending topics. The song, which shares the name of her new tour that starts on 26 Oct, pulses inside us everytime we hear it. Bringing a polychromatic and full of hope atmosphere, ‘Bandera’ talks about union of peoples, courage, fight, dreams and the quest for the best that can be done. Claudia goes beyond any specific context, and approaches broad cultural aspects of various nations, putting empathy and altruism in vogue. What moves you? It’s extremely valid to highlight that Claudia is globally releasing Bandera gethered with Zumba, a dance program created by the Colombian choreographer, Beto Pérez. Through the network of instructors and 15 million students attending classes in more than 180 countries, the song's official choreography will spread around the world. Aware of her role as a citizen, the singer is engaged in various social and philanthropic causes, such as partnerships with organizations as the Neymar Institute, Friends of Good, GAAC Salvador, Hidden Beauty and Olga Kos. Besides that, Claudinha, as she’s affectionately nicknamed, is married with Marcio Pedrosa since 2007, with whom she had three children: Davi and Rafael, 9 and 6 - year-old boys, and Bela, the first girl, born on 20 Aug, 2019. In her free time, Claudia loves to chill with the kids. She also likes to practice physical exercises and keeps a healthy diet to handle the busy schedule and all career commitments.