Artist Spotlight53A

Fri Aug 25 2023

53A a name synonymous with live music, and a headline band of the vibrant local music scene for more than a decade. The band's pitch-perfect vocals, accompanied by their technically sound instrumentation and musicality, has propelled them to be one of the most recognised local bands. The band started off as a talented jazz duo of Sara and Alvin, and has since grown to be a five piece musical experience. From their jazz roots, they also encompass genres such as top 40s pop and rock. The band released an album, Settle the Kettle. They perform not only at live music venues, but also on the big stages for many music events. 53A is fronted by the beautiful voice of Sara Wee, lead guitarist Alvin Khoo, vocalist and bassist Bani Hidir, the backbone of the band, drummer Helman Kamal, and their most recent addition, vocal powerhouse and talented keyboardist Lisa Haryono. The aggregation of their professional experience and infectious personalities has resulted in a distinct 53A charm, which has made the band a hot favourite at 'live' music venues across the island. 53A's original album 'Settle the Kettle' debuted in 2010 and received positive reviews in TODAY, The Business Times and TIME Magazine. Their biggest accolade till date, is being the feature act for the National Day Parade 2016 – SG51. The band performed their signature NDP Medley and the 2016 NDP theme song, “Tomorrow’s Here Today”.