Artist SpotlightGaly Galiano

Tue Oct 11 2022

Colombia Galy is a composer and singer-songwriter who first started with Los Diamantes del César musical band back in Chiriguaná, Colombia. He was the first Colombian artist to appear on the U.S. BillBoard music chart, placing three songs on the prestigious list at the same time, amongst them his successful single “Frío de Ausencia” from 1981. He has distinguished in the interpretation of romantic music in the ballad, ranchera, vallenato and salsa genres. He has made multiple presentations in several countries, releasing 25 albums with varied styles to the delight of his fans, who throughout his career have purchased his musical productions, which to date have sold more than 15 million pieces. He has chosen Digital 6000 from Sennheiser along with MM 435 and Neumann KK 205 capsules.