Artist SpotlightJewly

Fri Aug 25 2023

Live Music is what drives Jewly, a French singer. Her inspiration comes principally from Rock and Blues and her NEW album “Drugstore” is an outlandish rock album, true to her outlandish artistic style. “Drugstore” was born during JEWLY’s many tours, on the road in France, Corsica and Reunion Island, but also in other European countries, in the USA and Canada. Jewly has also performed as the opening act for other well-known artists as Scorpions, Macy Gray, Lucky Peterson, Ten Years After, Ana Popovic… She has recorded "Drugstore" in England in the studio of the band “The Stranglers” with an Anglo-American team: Phil Spalding (UK) and Matt Backer (USA) as producers, Louie Nicastro as sound engineer and Dom Brown (Duran Duran) as guest. 10 CHARACTERS, 10 CLIPS The titles of the tracks are ALL Christian names; the first names of real people who emotionally touched Jewly on her very personal and soul searching journey. More than just another album, “Drugstore” becomes a startling universe into which Jewly plunges us; a video clip has been made for each song, respectively revealing all the different characters who participate in HER very own Drugstore. JEWLY’s songs work for multi-generational and multicultural audiences. Her songs come from her deepest soul, every moment is highly intense when she’s on stage, she is a true Live Rock singer. Her powerful voice with that clear touch of blues will reel you into her world, which is filled with emotion… an unforgettable moment!