Artist SpotlightLOS MENDEZ

Sat May 08 2021

Los Mendez was born in the 2000's in the city of Trujillo, Peru; when the brothers Junior (bass and backing vocals), Hervie (guitar and backing vocals), Christopher (piano and backing vocals) and Philip (vocals) joined forces and began to perform unreleased songs and hits by the Beatles, ABBA, Queen, Mocedades and Beegees. With the training of their father and musician Alberto Mendez Cotrina, the family group decided to take a step further, so after performing in several contests and festivals throughout Peru, they decided to venture into more popular genres such as salsa, cumbia, merengue and more. The acceptance of the public was so great that five years later, they began to record their first album "A Bailar", thanks to Alberto's vision and musical experience, since he perceived the popularity of the new groups integrated by young people all over Peru. The recognition did not take long to arrive, festivals, parties and social dances enjoyed the renewed style of Los Mendez; always at the forefront with each new single they composed. On several occasions they received national recognition that called the attention of one of the most famous music producers of Peruvian television to record three new singles "Eres la clave" (unpublished), "Alguien como tú" and "Parte de ti" which were relevant songs in the Peruvian productions with the highest rating in 2010. They have had important collaborations that have reached thousands of plays on Spotify and YouTube, such as the cover "Debes buscarte un nuevo amor" where the original arrangements were made in the recording studio of Los Méndez, LIHA STUDIOS, and the song "Tengo un amor" with Gran Orquesta and Norlam, artists and referents in Latin America. In the midst of the global pandemic caused by Covid-19, the group bet on the project "Traveling with Los Mendez"; production that brings together music videos presented in different parts of Peru with more than two million views on YouTube. The content has been one of the most viewed in the red and white country and has also had repercussions in Mexico, Honduras, Panama, Ecuador, Colombia, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia, Uruguay, Italy, Spain and Japan. With more than 331 thousand followers on Facebook and 160 thousand subscribers on Youtube, Los Mendez have established themselves as one of the groups with the greatest public support in Peru and in all Peruvian communities around the world.