Artist SpotlightManny Cabo

Fri Aug 25 2023

Every once in a while, in the ever competitive entertainment industry, a presence enters the scene that turns heads, opens eyes and ears, touches hearts and makes a lasting impact on everyone they encounter: Such is the case with the multifaceted, arts-embracing, Manny Cabo. From Elizabeth New Jersey, to Manhattan, to L.A., to Nashville, with stops in between, Cabo has been leaving his creative mark everywhere he goes. Whether he’s acting, hosting, photographing or singing, his compelling focus and his artistry shines through. Now, in New York City USA with an unwavering work ethic and a passionate commitment to music, Cabo’s expedited pace of success suggests that perhaps Nashville isn’t always the “ten year town” it’s so often deemed as. Cabo made the move shortly after gaining unforgettable national exposure on season 9 of NBC’s “The Voice.” And Telemundo’s “La Voz” Shortly after Cabo belted out the very first lyric of Whitesnake’s, “Here I Go Again,” Adam Levine turned his chair around. The other three judges soon followed suit, resulting in a rare four chair turnaround and captured Grammy Icons Carlos Vives and Wisin to turn on the Latin Scales as well. To date, Cabo’s performance is still one of the most raved about rock performances on the show and more than 13 million views on you tube combined. What set Cabo apart on the show even more than his undeniable God-given gift, however, was his ability to encourage, connect and leave a lasting impact on those around him. His fellow contestants thought of him as a mentor and a brotherly figure as he taught them to spread positivity, to live in the moment and to continue the journey after they return home. Cabo’s life beyond “The Voice” has consisted of the same passion, helpfulness and desire to fight for what he loves. As a result, his fan base has also exploded. Though he receives countless e-mails daily, he makes the effort to respond to each and every one. He knows art is his platform to make a difference in the world, and he doesn’t take it lightly. Cabo’s positive disposition on the voice is what ultimately makes him a force to be reckoned with no matter where he goes. As he excels in his career, his main priority remains to those around him. While striving to better himself, he takes everyone he can find along with him. As he walks through crowds slowly, he lives with the mindset, of “Who can I help today?” Surprisingly, Manny was late to the singing world. He was a drummer, and he had honed his other creative crafts before being the man behind the mic. After directing his first school play in the fifth grade, he realized his passion for directing and the silver screen. Then came photography and acting. Prior to belting out tunes, he even came close to having a career as a professional baseball player, but it wasn’t to be. Though he even once worked as a head trainer for Apple computers, it was clear that art would ultimately be his path. Cabo continues to make a splash in fashion/commercial photography today. His photos have been featured in a plethora of major magazines including Maxim, Muscle Fitness Playboy, Inked, Musician, NYC Resident, Industry among others. As an award-winning photographer, he delivers a fashion/editorial/edgy appearance. He has received honors for Wedding photography, Editorial, Music, Glamour and Fine Art photography. In addition, he’s ushering in a New York fashion edge to all musicians. As everyone’s encourager, he wants artists to already feel successful. As an actor, he’s worked on many small music projects and had a number of movie roles. Additionally, Cabo is signed with Allied Artists, with whom he does voiceovers for. Not surprisingly, he can also do a wide range of accents. In the hosting realm, he’s currently hosting a couple of series that are in the process of being pitched. Cabo also has endorsements with some of the biggest brands in music and photography, two of which are Nikon and Sennheiser. Cabo’s servant heart extends to doing charity work for a number of good causes, including ones involving military and police officers. He works with the “Last Salute,” “National Night Out,” and “Musicians on Call.” Whether it’s going into schools and speaking against bullying, working with children with autism or singing the national anthem at a children’s hospital, Cabo remains dependable in spreading support. He has been featured on “Today in Nashville,” and is consistently interviewed by TV shows, magazines and newspapers. He has also had the pleasure of being coached by world renowned voice coaches, Renee Grant Williams and Debra Byrd. If all of that isn’t enough excitement, he also feels blessed to be backed by a band which features some of the most well-respected musicians in the industry. He’s currently touring and working on a new album. As he brings a Powerful Pop Rock sound to the stage, he delivers an individuality which has an impossibility of going unnoticed. Manny Cabo continues to utilize his microphone for both unparalleled music and influential words of encouragement, and with that, it is certain that his best years in the entertainment scene are still ahead.