Artist SpotlightStatement

Fri Aug 25 2023

STATEMENT comes from the dusty suburban parts of Copenhagen. This is where their flashy melodic hard rock with a touch of a heavier metal element originates. They released their debut album” Monsters” in 2014 and their second album “Heaven will Burn” in 2016. Both albums have collected several great reviews from home and abroad, and Japan has shown great interest in the Danish albums, as well as the accompanying single releases with music videos of “Heaven Will Burn”, “Madness” and “Created By You”. The Bands singles have been in constant rotation on various FM radio stations. The Band is known for its energetic performance on stage, and they have a lot of live shows and festivals on their resume. Some of the jobs they have played include support for the fellow Danes PRETTY MAIDS, the legendary kings TESLA (US), and they have also taken part in a European tour, with Metallica’s great source of inspiration and NWOBHM pioneers, DIAMOND HEAD (UK). STATEMENT delivers a powerful and energetic show every time, and there is no doubt, they love what they do when they are Rocking the stage!