常见问题:TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker (TC ISP)

What conferencing solutions does the TC ISP work with?

The TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker was designed to work exclusively with Microsoft Teams.

How many participants does the TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker support?

Because the transcription feature on Microsoft Teams supports up to 10 participants in a single room, we recommend using the TeamConnect Intelligent speaker with not more than 10 people.

Also, be sure that each person is within the 3.5-meter pickup radius of the device.

What is Microsoft Teams Rooms?

Microsoft Teams Rooms is a special version of Microsoft Teams aimed at fixed installations in meeting spaces. Microsoft Teams Rooms provides a complete meeting experience that brings HD video, audio, and content sharing to meetings of all sizes, from small huddle areas to large conference rooms.

Simply put, Teams Rooms is a solution that allows a physical meeting space and all its participants to join in on a Microsoft Teams meeting.

The TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker provides the microphone and speaker components to a Teams Room.

For more information on Teams Rooms, please click here.

What size of Teams Rooms does the TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker support?

The TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker is the perfect audio solution for the Focus (10 by 10 feet), Small (10 by 15 feet), and Medium (15 by 20 feet) classifications of Microsoft Teams Rooms, with up to 10 people in a single room.

For more information on Microsoft Teams Rooms classifications, please click here.

How do I use Cortana on the TC ISP?

Cortana is a voice assistant feature on Microsoft Teams that allows you to join or leave a meeting, add participants, or share files just using your voice.

To use Cortana on your TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker, just say "Hey Cortana" or simply "Cortana".

Say "Cortana help" for a list of ways Cortana can help.

For more information on Cortana, please click here.

What languages can I use with Cortana on the TC ISP?

For now, the only language supported by Cortana is English. Additional languages will depend on Microsoft's development plans.

For more information on Cortana, please click here.

Is the TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker portable?

The TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker is not recommended as a portable device as the device is powered by cable and needs to be connected to a power source.

What other audio devices are needed in a TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker setup?

The TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker can function as the only audio device in a Teams Room with up to 10 people.

How do I control the TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker?

For the ultimate ease of use, the TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker features a single capacitive button on the device. This button toggles the microphone mute function.

When the LED ring around the device is green, the microphone is unmuted. When it is red, the microphone is muted.

Volume control can be performed entirely on the Teams application on your computer or Teams Rooms system.

What are the connections for TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker and how is it powered?

The TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker has a 3-meter, non-removable USB-C cable attached to it. The cable should be connected to the supplied Power and Data Box's USB-C port.

On the other end of the Power and Data Box is a Micro-B USB port for connection to your Teams Rooms system. (Micro-B USB to USB-A cable provided).

The Power Data Box should then be connected a power outlet using the included power adaptor.

Europe, UK, US, Australia, China, and Korea country adaptors are included in the box.

Can the TC ISP be mounted?

The TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker can be mounted on a table using the supplied screw mount.

A replacement mounting set can also be purchased as an accessory.

How does TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker recognize my voice? (Digital Voice Profiles)

Before a speaker can be correctly identified on a Microsoft Teams meeting, digital voice profiles should be set up using the desktop version of Teams (Windows or Mac).

Without a digital voice profile, speakers will be identified as "Speaker X" (X being a number) when using features like meeting transcriptions.

For more information on how to set up your digital voice profile, please click here.

How do I use Transcriptions on the TC ISP?

Using TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker and Microsoft Teams Rooms together makes real-time transcription of your meetings possible. Microsoft Teams Rooms supports up to 10 participants in a single room for its transcription feature. For information on how to turn on transcription for your organization, please visit:

For each participant to be correctly identified, first set up a digital voice profile. Information can found here.

To ensure the most accurate transcription, each person should be within 3.5-meters of the TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker.

Transcriptions are available during the meeting in the chat section and as a download after the meeting.