Houben Souren

Houben Souren Selects EW-DX as New Wireless Microphone System for Their Rental Department

The client

Based in the southern Netherlands, Houben Souren specializes in delivering high-caliber audiovisual solutions and services. Their expertise spans audio, video, lighting, and control systems, catering to diverse sectors like corporate, government, education, and entertainment. Houben Souren’s dedication to excellence has solidified their status as a trusted industry partner, consistently providing reliable and cutting-edge solutions for all AV needs.


The challenge

For its rental department, Houben Souren was looking for a reliable and secure digital microphone system for professional applications in conferences and corporate events that would withstand intensive use on stage.


The solution

Following a meticulous assessment to identify the most effective solution for their region, Houben Souren invested in over 50 wireless channels of Sennheiser’s EW-DX digital microphone system.

"As an authorized Sennheiser dealer, we have a long history of collaboration with Sennheiser. This project required a critical assessment to identify the best solution for our region. We chose EW-DX owing to its outstanding sound quality, versatility, and reliability."

Etienne Souren, Owner Houben Souren

Houben Souren offers customized solutions for events, installations, and integration projects, employing cutting-edge technology to create immersive and engaging experiences. As Houben Souren was searching for the latest and most advanced wireless microphone system to provide customers with the best possible audio experience, Sennheiser’s EW-DX was an obvious choice. Furthermore, the market’s acceptance of Sennheiser played a significant role in the decision.

Since its establishment, Houben Souren has been working with Sennheiser products, including the Evolution Wireless series, as well as the 2000 and 3000 series and the digital 2020D tour guide system. When the authorized Sennheiser dealer was looking for a digital wireless microphone system that could withstand intensive use, EW-DX proofed to be the best choice as it covers a variety of applications in the rental department perfectly.

Whether used by a professional musician on stage or a moderator at a corporate event, the possibilities are endless with EW-DX. The system uses advanced digital transmission technology for crystal-clear sound without any interference. Users can rely on the UHF system, even in environments with a lot of wireless interference. With a wide frequency range and superior performance, this system captures every sound in the smallest detail.

As the latest member of the Evolution Wireless Digital family, EW-DX is designed to be user-friendly while offering the power and flexibility required for the most demanding business and professional applications.

Sturdy digital RF links ensure stable, artifact-free connections, while AES-256 encryption allows secure transmission of confidential content. Suited for both simple setups and advanced installations, EW-DX can integrate into any existing Dante network with ease. The impressive 134 dB dynamic range eliminates worries about sensitivity settings. Integration with the Sennheiser Control Cockpit and third-party applications enables effortless remote monitoring and control, making EW-DX a future-proof wireless microphone system that adapts to ever-changing needs.

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