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No more bad audio or battery problems: How SpeechLine Digital Wireless provides ease of use and superior sound quality at Forever Living Products Japan

The client

Forever Living Products Japan was founded on September 1, 1980 as a Japanese subsidiary of Forever Living Products International, Inc. It introduced first aloe vera drinks to Japan and boasts the biggest share in the country. The company with 10 locations nationwide delivers supplements, skin care items and other wellness and beauty products to customers nationwide.


The challenge

Forever Living Products Japan faced several problems with their previous wireless microphone system, including short battery life, acoustic feedback, and inadequate sound quality. They used wireless microphones with dry cells and often found them run out when needed or during usage.


The solution

Forever Living Products Japan has deployed four sets of SpeechLine Digital Wireless in seminar rooms at three locations. Two units of SL Handheld Set DW and two units of SL Headset Mic DW are installed in its seminar room with panoramic view of Tokyo. Speakers’ voices can now be heard naturally without any adjustments of the mics.

In recent years, Forever Living Products Japan had already tried out different wireless mic systems. With an infrared wireless system that they had used, some visitors had commented that the sound was muffled, and speech was difficult to hear. This problem was caused by radio interference problems. The IT-optimized wireless microphone system SpeechLine Digital Wireless has solved all the conventional problems of wireless mic systems, like short battery life, feedback issues and poor sound quality.

Microphone specifically designed for speech applications

SpeechLine Digital Wireless is made for the spoken word. Speech optimized Sennheiser microphone capsules and built-in equalizers with presets for female and male voices ensure optimal speech intelligibility in every situation. The SpeechLine Multi-Channel Receiver DW automatically mixes multiple speakers at the same time with an integrated Automatic Audio Level Management so that each person can be clearly understood.


Rechargeable battery provides up to 15 hours of battery life

Products with dry cell batteries require constant attention to the remaining battery life and a large stock of replacement batteries. To address this problem, SpeechLine Digital Wireless has a powerful lithium-ion battery. The product can operate about 15 hours without recharging, so there is no need to worry about its battery running out during the usage. SpeechLine Digital Wireless offers several charging options for its mobile transmitters. At Forever Living Products Japan, the 2-bay tabletop charger CHG 2 is in use.


A future-proof wireless mic system

After they had tried many wireless systems, Forever Living Products Japan is glad that they finally found a product series that is stable and long-lasting. They have been using SpeechLine Digital Wireless for three years and have never experienced any feedback issues. Batteries haven’t run out during usage and all battery and connection problems have been solved. Persons on the teaching side, such as university professors, also have praised the system. Forever Living Products Japan is confident that it can deploy SpeechLine Digital Wireless in other locations easily.


Learn more about SpeechLine Digital Wireless, the digital wireless microphone system optimized for speech and lecture in university and corporate use.


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