A small Film Crew of four men and an acteur are walking along a beach with their equipment, shooting a video or film

Our culture

Our corporate culture has seven principles. They empower us to jointly bring unforgettable sound experiences to life.

Everything begins and ends with our customers.

In every decision and at every stage, they are at the heart of our decision making. We care for our customers and strive to understand their present and future needs: We delight them by meeting and exceeding their expectations.

Attitude is our most important asset.

At Sennheiser, who you are is just as important as what you know. Attitude and mindset count for more than even the most shining credentials, and they must be in sync with the culture that drives us. It's why we hire people who believe in our culture, respect diversity, and work collaboratively.

We take risks and learn from both our successes and failures.

We focus on solutions and quickly overcome obstacles. We challenge conventions and have the courage to take risks – with a fresh and forward-thinking attitude to create winning ideas. We celebrate our successes but also honestly acknowledge when we fall short.

We are all owners of our success.

We believe in constant improvement and personal growth: We advance Sennheiser with passion, courage and responsibility. We are empowered to make decisions at the organization's lowest possible level. We can agree to disagree, but once decisions are made we positively commit to the agreed course of action.

We foster  an inclusive environment of trust, openness and collaboration

We treat everybody in an honest, fair and friendly way and recognize that our success depends on the expertise we share. This is why we aim to listen first, seeking to understand others before being understood. We are supportive, we give and learn from constructive feedback, and build on each other’s diverse opinions, backgrounds and expertise.


Two Men working in the production with safety glasses stand in front of a machine and turn switches

We perform to our full potential based on our common goals.

We look beyond hierarchy to fully appreciate outstanding talent and achievement wherever it blooms. We expect everyone to give their very best every day. As teams and as individuals, we set ourselves ambitious goals–with a commitment to develop the skills that we need to succeed.

In leadership roles, we are determined, empathetic, and committed to fostering and exemplifying our culture.

Sennheiser leaders strive to exemplify the qualities that we also expect from others: responsibility, openness, and decision making. This applies to all leadership roles – from corporate to temporary project management. We integrate these principles into our daily work to achieve team success.