Artist SpotlightMICappella

Fri Aug 25 2023

Effervescent, dynamic and versatile, MICAPPELLA is one of Asia’s leading vocal band based in Singapore. The band tours internationally and has released 1 EP and 2 full-length albums since they were founded back in 2009. Their latest album《MICappella Reloaded》was released in 2016 with its first single, 《One Of These Days》 reaching top of the iTunes mando-pop charts on its first day of release. MICappella has also broken boundaries by reaching more than 1.3million viewers on Facebook alone within the first week of releasing their hit rendition of 《那些年的小幸运》 back in 2015 which catapulted them to greater recognition within the Chinese-music scene. The video alone has now amassed more than 11 million views across platforms in China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore. Always embracing their identity as Singaporeans and being effectively bilingual, MICappella has become an international brand that ignites the stage all over the world.