Protecting climate.Committing to fewer emissions and a smaller CO2 footprint.

Climate change is real. Protecting the climate is a top priority for our society. We are contributing by setting clear reduction targets, particularly with our ecological footprint.

We will avoid and significantly reduce our GHG emissions by 2030.

We launched our climate protection strategy by gaining an understanding of our various emission sources. We then categorized them into Scope 1-3 emissions in line with the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard. This, in turn, allows us to assign clearly defined and measurable reduction targets across all categories.

Efficient energy consumption

Reducing travel and commute

We have also adapted our guidelines with regard to business travel and office commute – as a strong and directly influencable emissions driver per se – to our reduction targets. By limiting air travel and using public transportation, we can significantly reduce our CO2 footprint every day. A job-bike offer is also available at our main location.

Categorizing our carbon footprint

The GHG Protocol Corporate Standard categorizes greenhouse gas emissions associated with a company's corporate carbon footprint as Scope 1-3 emissions.

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