Sennheiser X CUPRA

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Sennheiser has joined forces with CUPRA, the unconventional and emotionally-driven challenger brand in the automotive world, to deliver an outstanding immersive sound experience to CUPRA's first all-electric SUV coupe, the CUPRA Tavascan. With its performance, the Tavascan is a game-changer in the world of electrification, breaking conventional rules and delivering for a new generation of car lovers.

The partnership between Sennheiser and CUPRA is a perfect match, with both brands sharing a passion for offering technical solutions that are unique in their execution and sophisticated in their design, which are woven into their DNA and culture. And this is just the start: this collaboration is set to redefine the in-car audio experience and push the boundaries of what is possible in the automotive space.

Digitalisation takes centre stage in the CUPRA Tavascan, an all-electric SUV coupe that seamlessly integrates advanced technology for a truly immersive driving experience. It boasts a state-of-the-art 15-inch infotainment system that is the largest ever seen in a CUPRA model. This highly customisable system is complemented by a newly designed and developed Human Machine Interface (HMI), allowing for seamless interaction with the car's various functions. In particular, the CUPRA Tavascan is equipped with a high-fidelity 12-speaker audio system, with Sennheiser bringing its expertise and experience into the automotive space with AMBEO Concerto, the company’s latest software innovation for immersive audio.

Sennheiser has taken a unique approach to sound quality with the Tavascan, one that goes beyond simply adding more loudspeakers. Instead, the exceptional immersive sound experience is achieved through sophisticated proprietary software, meticulously tuned by Sennheiser’s expert sound engineers.

To achieve this level of audio quality, Sennheiser's AMBEO Concerto software distills the fundamental components of any piece of music, including different instruments and room information, and redistributes them throughout the car. This results in a sound experience that is unlike anything ever heard in a CUPRA before.

The customisation options are equally impressive. The Tavascan's head unit allows users to customise the level of immersion and fine-tune the sound to their individual preferences.