Evolution Wireless-Digital Portable (EW-DP)

Evolution Wireless-Digital Portable (EW-DP)

Digital UHF wireless audio system for filmmakers

Upgrade your filmmaking audio to the pro level

Upgrade your filmmaking audio to the pro level. Using the preferred UHF connection, the EW-DP digital wireless microphone system lets you capture professional quality audio without the complexity. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to upgrade to a portable wireless system that offers superior range and more reliable connectivity than 2.4 GHz systems. Choose from multiple EW-DP sets based on your filmmaking needs.
EW-DP is part of the Evolution Wireless Digital family, the successor to Sennheiser’s acclaimed Evolution Wireless G4 analog systems. Building upon the renowned reliability and sound quality of Evolution Wireless G4, Evolution Wireless Digital systems deliver numerous enhancements compared to G4 analog systems. Find out which product is right for you using this product successor guide:
EW 112P G4 - EW-DP ME2 SET 
EW 122P G4 - EW-DP ME4 SET 
EW 135P G4 - EW-DP 835 SET 


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