ISE 2023

ISE 2023

What a show!

ISE 2023 Highlights

  • We unveiled TeamConnect Ceiling Medium, which takes many of the features of our industry-leading TeamConnect Ceiling 2 to mid-sized meeting and lecture spaces.

  • Not sure which of our audibly better room solutions is right for you? Well, now we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re a consultant, integrator, end user or Sennheiser enthusiast, you can check out the first iteration of our Room Planner. We say first iteration because this is just the first of the tools we will be putting online for you to make your daily work easier. Stay tuned for what's to come in the future and feel free to talk to your Sennheiser contact about how we can best support you here.

  • MobileConnect retains its innovative assistive and personal listening features and has now evolved into a bi-directional communication solution with the addition of our talkback feature called Audience Mic. This new feature effortlessly enables inclusive, live audience engagement instead of just listening — direct from a smartphone. Best of all, this feature comes at no additional cost to MobileConnect customers.

  • We also announced an incredible extension to the warranty included with our TeamConnect Ceiling 2 and new TeamConnect Ceiling M. Both products now come standard with a five-year warranty. During these challenging times, we’ve been delivering our products while many of our peers have been faced with manufacturing challenges. How? We own our manufacturing chain and have personally managed our supplier relationships for years. Because sustainability is important to us, we’ve also increased our focus on the longevity of our products. It's a win-win for both our customers and the environment!

New: TeamConnect Ceiling Medium (TCC M)

With a coverage of up to 40 m², our ceiling microphone TeamConnect Ceiling Medium is the right choice for mid-sized meeting rooms and lecture or collaboration spaces. With this solution, Sennheiser pro-vides an additional design option to seamlessly include our audibly better ceiling microphone into your meeting room.

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New: EW-DX - digital wireless designed to make collaboration and learning easier

EW-DX, the latest member of our Evolution Wireless Digital family, is designed so that you don’t have to choose between a system that is easy to use and one that is powerful and flexible enough for even the most demanding business and professional applications. 

With its straightforward installation and integration, the system easily scales across your existing Dante network, from the smallest meeting room or classroom to the largest educational and corporate campus installations. 

We are excited to showcase EW-DX at ISE for the very first time this year. Are you ready to elevate and amplify your sound? Drop by our booth to learn more about EW-DX, our latest and most innovative wireless microphone system.


The TeamConnect Ceiling 2 ceiling microphone

If you want to raise your meetings to a higher level, then our TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC 2) is the answer. The TCC 2 uses beamforming technology to deliver perfect speech intelligibility and acoustics.

You also have unparalleled levels of control with the addition of the TCC 2’s priority zones (allowing users to highlight different areas of the room) and 5 advanced exclusion zones (for pinpoint targeting and removal of unwanted noise sources). Also, with the new TruVoicelift feature, allowing for in-room voice amplification, a speaker’s voice will be heard clearly and precisely in every corner of the classroom or lecture hall.


New: Join the conversation with MobileConnect – now with Audience Mic!

MobileConnect is an innovative and scalable smartphone-based assistive listening solution. After downloading the MobileConnect App on any iOS or Android smartphone, audio content can be streamed via WiFi to and from your phone.

Perfect for various educational and corporate applications, MobileConnect makes collaboration and learning more interactive and inclusive than ever. Users can listen, talk and interact effortlessly with their own smartphone.

Launching at ISE, Audience Mic is a new talk-back feature that transforms any smartphone into a microphone. The speaker simply speaks into their phone to have their voice brought directly to other participant’s phones in the room, over the room’s loudspeaker and to those who may be participating remotely.

Find out more about MobileConnect.


Supported by Our Global Alliance Partners

Through our network of global partnerships, we offer you the freedom and flexibility to design your own ecosystem without restrictions. At ISE this year, our audibly better and innovative solutions can be found at the Sennheiser stand and feature on partners’ booths, including Bose Professional, Canon, Creston, Kramer, Q-SYS and Xilica. You can see a full list of our solution partners and their locations here.


SpeechLine Digital Wireless – IT-optimized microphone system for speech and lecture

SpeechLine Digital Wireless (SL DW) is a versatile microphone system, which can be easily adapted to your individual professional needs. With the recent addition of a Multi-Channel Receiver, SL DW can be integrated smoothly into your existing IT infrastructure for effortless lectures, meetings and presentations.

Find our what the SpeechLine Digital Wireless is capable of.


New: TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker

The TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker (TC ISP) is the ultimate audio solution optimized for small Microsoft Teams Rooms. It is designed specifically to give teams a whole new way to collaborate in hybrid meetings: smart, focused, inclusive, and as if everyone is in one place.

Learn more about the TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker – and experience the first intelligent speaker from Sennheiser in a real-life meeting environment.


The Control Cockpit browser-based control software

The Sennheiser Control Cockpit is a powerful, yet simple browser-based remote management software tool for network-enabled Sennheiser microphones. The centralized control capability that the Control Cockpit provides is helping universities and companies worldwide to digitalize their workflows for smooth daily operations. The Sennheiser Control Cockpit offers easy control and monitoring of all devices in the network with email/SMS alert support.

Learn more about the Sennheiser Control Cockpit.


Video highlights from ISE