Diversity, equity, and inclusion.Our culture welcomes everyone.

Our Sennheiser ‘family’ is as international as our customers. We're a global company, and we're at home everywhere in the world. We believe in creating a community in which everyone feels valued and welcomed. That's why we treat each other with a spirit of openness and respect. Because every day, we see the power of sound and music bring people together.

Colleagues from different nationalities talking to eachother while sitting and standing around a table with coffee cups on it

Our goal is to take a leading role in DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) by 2030.

A dedicated interdisciplinary team at Sennheiser is continuously working to further embed and develop Sennheiser’s awareness of diversity, equality, and inclusion within the company. We believe that DEI is an area that requires constant development and is not a one-off project. This is what drives our enthusiasm and why we have defined various measures that we work on in interdisciplinary teams.

By 2025, all employees will be trained in the basics of DEI. Furthermore, DEI is an integral part of our cultural principles. We also take any violations seriously. These can be reported through our whistleblowing system.


The Sennheiser Diversity Network

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The Sennheiser Diversity Network was founded in 2019 and emerged from the Sennheiser Women’s Network, which was launched by our employees in 2016. The Diversity Network is another building block of our commitment to diversity. We value our diversity as people with different mindsets, experiences, life plans, and perspectives.

With this network, we want to promote all aspects of diversity. Thanks to initiatives large and small, we have already made concrete progress on our joint journey towards diversity, equality, and inclusion.

Strong signs for diversity and appreciation

Together with our Diversity Network, we organize our annual global Diversity Day.  On this day, we celebrate the diversity we have at Sennheiser and inspire our employees through talks and by sharing new initiatives at a global level. 

Our management enthusiastically supports our Diversity Network. On Diversity Day 2022, we signed the Diversity Charter. Sennheiser joined 4,600 companies, public institutions, associations, foundations, and organizations that agreed to be role models for diversity.


It commits us to appreciate all employees regardless of age, ethnic origin and nationality, gender and gender identity, physical and mental abilities, religion and world view, sexual orientation, and social origin.

By signing the Diversity Charter we are sending a clear message about the importance of inclusive teams in the workplace.

Main initiatives

Sennheiser Diversity Network

Sennheiser Diversity Network

Charta der Vielfalt

Charta der Vielfalt

National and international funding projects

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As a company whose success is built on research and knowledge, we believe that education is not only the key to success, but also to peaceful coexistence. That is why we support universities, schools, and educational projects around the world that are involved in music, audio or technology. One powerful example is, which advocates an increased representation of women in the audio industry. We are also co-founders of the non-profit foundation Zuhören (Listening), which supports the national expansion of listening education in early childhood. The kick-off was marked by an event at Ohrwürmchen (Catchy Tunes), the Sennheiser company daycare center. The foundation plans to implement the training in other childcare facilities throughout Germany. 

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