Certified solutions for Dingtalk

Having 500 million registered users in 21 million organizations, DingTalk has strong market influence and is one of the most popular online meeting tools in China. The combination of TCC 2 with DingTalk offers users advanced audio solutions and makes hybrid meetings more flexible, efficient and easier.

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TCC 2 pairs perfectly with Dingtalk to create optimized meeting experiences

With DingTalk's powerful platform, the Sennheiser TCC 2 enhances remote working efficiency by delivering superior audio quality. Utilizing Sennheiser's patented dynamic beamforming technology, the TCC 2 automatically detects and follows the active speaker, allowing for seamless movement without compromising sound quality. Users can now enjoy a clearer and more immersive audio experience.

Additionally, with the TruVoicelift technology, TCC 2 can greatly amplify the speaker's voice. With TCC 2, users can set priority zones and exclusion zones that will emphasize the speaker's voice while eliminating unwanted noise interference, ensuring that the speaker's message can be heard clearly throughout the entire room.

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