About time to level up

About time to level up

Discover the power of professional in-ear monitoring


Enhance the way you hear with Sennheiser in-ear monitoring solutions on stage or during rehearsal.

The stage and rehearsal space can be a volatile place. Hearing yourself through floor monitors, side fills, or even the PA can be a struggle. As a performer, all this takes you away from a good rehearsal or a great show, from just hearing yourself and how you blend with the other musicians. Yet in-ear monitoring eliminates all these drawbacks, greatly improving the listening environment and providing significant performance benefits. Once you have experienced it, you will likely never go back.

Everything to get you started

Designed for the rigors of the small stage, the XS WIRELESS IEM system features a comprehensive design that you can count on. The new series works in the professional-grade UHF range and uses pre-defined frequency banks – for quick and simple configuration in any environment as well as seamless compatibility with existing gear.

IEM Tutorials

The upgrade to in-ear monitoring can quickly feel overwhelming. You need some tech and re-consider your signal management. Luckily, today’s technology can make this change both easy and budget friendly. The XS Wireless IEM Tutorials explain everything you need in 5 focused sessions.
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In-ear monitors have become a standard addition to every musician or sound engineer serious about their job, no matter whether you’re headlining the main stage or starting off your path. The essentially small monitors, got into your ear, blocking outside noise and give you the direct mix while on stage, at rehearsal or in the studio. Decisions on universal vs. custom fit, color or cable routing are typically based on individual preferences. More difficult is the choice of the audio technology. When it comes to your audio experience, don’t settle for any trade-offs. Once you try in-ear monitors with Sennheiser’s proprietary TrueResponse® technology, you’ll never want to use a different set of IEMs again.

Maximum dynamics with the lowest distortion factor

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Full control over your performance – everywhere, every day.

EW G4 IEM - Hear anywhere on stage and make your gig an extraordinary experience – not just for your audience, but also for you. Engineered for pro live sound.

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