• A remarkable history of passion.
    A remarkable history of passion.
    Sennheiser was founded with the same drive for excellence and discovery that defines us today. Our remarkable journey begins in a farmhouse near Hanover in 1945, where we develop our first microphone. Over 80 years later, our reliable products are celebrated icons - and still set our industry's technology standards every day.
  • German engineered
    German engineered
    Dr. Ing. Fritz Sennheiser founded Laboratorium Wennebostel (Lab W) in 1945, which later becomes Sennheiser electronic. The new company produces measuring instruments and sells them to Siemens. By 1946, we're actually making our first DM 1 microphone for Siemens. One year later, we launch our very own microphone: the DM 2.
  • Growth and Innovation
    Growth and Innovation
    Film, television, and radio production boom, and Sennheiser rises to the challenge. In 1956, we launch the MD 82. It's the world's first shotgun microphone. A short time later - beginning of the 1960s - we release a new condenser and wireless microphone. We also introduce the MD 421 dynamic microphone - a remarkable icon that is still reliable as ever.
  • A record of firsts
    A record of firsts
    Sennheiser continues to innovate new technologies in rapid succession. We unveil the HD 414 in 1968 - the world's first open-back headphones and the bestselling, full-size headphones of all time. In 1971, we release the MD 441 microphone. It quickly becomes a classic.
  • Setting new standards
    Setting new standards
    Sound goes spatial with the MKE 2002 stereo microphone headset. The 'dummy head' principle moves the concert hall and stage into people's living rooms - putting listeners at the very center of the performance. Sennheiser also takes wireless microphone technology to a new level: In the late 70s we bring the first Microport multi-channel receiver and compander system to market.
  • The legacy continues
    The legacy continues
    Prof. Dr. Fritz Sennheiser hands over the management of the company to his son, Prof. Dr. Jörg Sennheiser. The legacy of innovation, reliability, and remarkable quality moves foward to the next generation.
  • Taking it higher
    Taking it higher
    We expand our family-owned business on an international scale. We open Sennheiser France, our first sales subsidiary. We also launch the HD 25 headphones. They prove to be the ideal in-flight sound entertainment on the Concorde. These remarkable, reliable headphones are coveted in DJ booths to this day.
  • Neumann
    Sennheiser acquires the Berlin studio microphone manufacturer Georg Neumann. We integrate their microphone production technology into our Sennheiser factory in Wennebostel, Germany.
  • Listening perfection
    Listening perfection
    We release the limited-edition Orpheus electrostatic headphone. Considered one of the most remarkable headphones in the world for decades, it immerses listeners in transparent, natural, and detailed sound. The legend continues in 2015 with a worthy successor – the HE 1.
  • Starting a (r)evolution
    Starting a (r)evolution
    We launch the Evolution Microphone Series, followed by the Evolution Wireless Microphone Series in 1999. Both are runaway successes. To this very day, they can be found on stages across the globe. We mark this achievement with our "20 Years of Evolution" celebration in 2018.
  • Microphone for the millennium
    Microphone for the millennium
    We boldly go into the digital age with the MKH 800. It's the first studio condenser mic to capture sound in the emerging digital audio formats. We also boost our growing product portfolio by acquiring the high-end speaker manufacturer Klein + Hummel.
  • Next-generation leadership
    Next-generation leadership
    A new era begins. Daniel Sennheiser joins the company in 2008; Dr. Andreas Sennheiser in 2010. The brothers become managing directors and co-CEOs in 2018. Prof. Dr. Jörg Sennheiser, supervisory board chair since 1996, hands over his role in 2015.
  • The future of digital sound
    The future of digital sound
    Sennheiser unveils the HD 800, a new high-end reference headphone. The Digital 9000 radio microphone system follows in 2012–the only one of its kind that works without data reduction. We maintain speed that year with our first MOMENTUM headphone series.
  • Sennheiser Audio Labs
    Sennheiser Audio Labs
    In 2012, Sennheiser Audio Labs was formed from Algorithmix GmbH, a company specializing in digital audio signal processing and the development of high-quality audio algorithms. The DSP system developed by Algorithmix formed the basis for the technology of the TeamConnect ceiling microphones and many future conferencing technology and audio streaming products.
  • Sound in 3D
    Sound in 3D
    Sennheiser launches AMBEO Immersive Audio. Like the historical leap from mono to stereo, AMBEO is game-changing technology. It's a next-generation audio standard that immerses listeners in rich, 360° sound experiences from every angle and distance.
  • Innovation leadership
    Innovation leadership
    In 2017, Sennheiser introduces TeamConnect Ceiling. It's a ceiling microphone for conference rooms. Using dynamic beamforming technology, it automatically records presentations, lectures, meetings, and conferences. The Digital 6000 wireless microphone series is launched in 2017.
  • Dear reality
    Dear reality
    In 2019, Sennheiser acquires a majority stake in Dear Reality, a company that specializes in spatial audio algorithms and VR/AR audio software.
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