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MobileConnect Manager

MobileConnect Manager software puts control of an entire MobileConnect network in a single, centrally managed point of administration. It is the key to unlocking MobileConnect’s full scalable capabilities as a facility-wide, bi-directional audio accessibility solution.

  • Centrally managed control of all MobileConnect Stations in the network
  • On-premise server installation
  • Available separation of streaming and control networks
  • Fully scalable design by easily adding additional MobileConnect Stations
  • Access to all MobileConnect capabilities, such as cloud updates, app customization, adjustable noise gate, adjustable latency, queue feature for Audience Mic and more
  • Connects to 3rd-party user control systems through Crestron, Extron, QSC plugins, or other systems using the MobileConnect API
  • MobileConnect API supports remote process automation
  • Generate audio stream QR codes to display on room signage
  • Assign individual administrator roles and access rights
  • Simultaneously supports hundreds of MobileConnect Stations
  • MobileConnect Manager use is optional but unlocks system’s full networking potential
  • Free of charge for any MobileConnect user or operator

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