VinUniversity provides high quality medical training with Sennheiser´s TeamConnect Ceiling 2

The client

VinUniversity is the first private, not-for-profit university in Vietnam that was established in 2017. Located in Vinhomes Ocream Park in Hanoi, the 420-hectares campus was built with a vision to provide a learner-centred environment for students. Within the large school compound. the university also established a 4,000 square metres VinUniversity Medical Simulation Center (VMSC) with more than 30 training rooms, model and equipment. The VMSC simulates a hospital environment so that it’s medical students can experience early clinical practice as part of the curriculum.


The challenge

The audio-visual system in the Vin University Medical Simulation Center (VMSC) plays an extremely important role as the training sessions are recorded so that instructors and trainees could review the exercise for coaching, feedback and reflection. The school’s operations team had the opportunity to experience Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling 2 during their visit to one of their partners, the Israel Centre for Medical Simulation, prior to the opening of VMSC. They were impressed by the audio quality on site as well as the audio design. Most importantly, they saw the benefit of a hands-free, touchless and wireless audio solution in a medical simulation centre and how this technology can deliver better training and education to their students. Therefore, they requested for their system integrator Hoang Minh JSC to create a similar set-up for the VMSC.


The solution

19 units of TCC 2 were installed in VMSC, of which 18 were deployed across the simulation and training rooms and 1 unit was installed in the main meeting room in VMSC where conferences and meetings are usually held.

A fully hands-on simulation experience

With TCC 2, students can enjoy a truly hands on experience during simulation exercises and can execute tasks without obstructions. They also do not need to worry about poor audio signal, microphone positioning or battery issues.

TCC 2’s TruVoicelift functionality significantly increases speech intelligibility, and the automatic beamforming technology gives participants flexibility of movement in the simulation room, which makes the simulation exercises more authentic and natural. With TCC 2, participants in the room can hear each other clearly regardless of where they are in the room and no longer need to worry about missing out key information. In the main meeting room, the TCC 2 has also helped to improve the in-room audio capabilities and provide a better conferencing experience for remote participants.


The preferred audio solution for a world-class university

Vin University received positive feedback from students and faculty members following the upgrade of the audio system. With plans to expand the campus, the university looks forward to exploring opportunities to deploy Sennheiser products for future projects.


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