Pro Audio End User Panel

Pro Audio End User Panel

The Sennheiser Pro End User Panel exists to bring end user and Sennheiser together.

At Sennheiser, we live customer centricity – the clear focus on our end user to provide a positive brand and product experience. The best way to achieve this is to develop products and services together with our customer. In this case, end user’s needs and desires are considered at best.

For this collaboration, we search end users who are eager and vocal in sharing their vision regarding challenges, needs and potential benefits that are encountered in their dedication to delivering reliable and premium audio services.

Do you want to discuss current industry trends and challenges with us?
Are you interested in developing products with us?
Would you like to bring your own ideas into our products?

Then join our panel and participate in our research and development program.

We honor your contribution and involvement. Among all panel participants we raffle Sennheiser products each month.

Thank you very much for your collaboration!
Your Sennheiser team

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