Your Exclusive Preview of Sennheiser's Showcase at ISE 2024!

Your Exclusive Preview of Sennheiser's Showcase at ISE 2024!

Products at Business Communication Booth 3C500:

"M" for More: Elevate Your Meetings with TeamConnect Ceiling Medium

Meet the TeamConnect Ceiling Medium, poised to redefine your meeting experience and deliver an unparalleled "more": Unlock increased flexibility, embrace enhanced freedom, and seamlessly integrate with our partners to unleash the full potential of TCC M.

TeamConnect Ceiling Medium

The Ultimate All-in-One Conferencing Solution: TeamConnect Bars

Immerse yourself in the world of premium audio seamlessly blended with excellent video in this feature-rich, all-encompassing solution. Tailored for small to medium-sized meeting spaces, TeamConnect Bars redefines collaboration and learning. It's more than just a bar; it's the pivotal tool to unlock untapped potential wherever collaboration takes place.

TeamConnect Bar Medium

TeamConnect Bar Small

Unleash Limitless Meetings with TeamConnect Ceiling 2

Discover the enduring excellence of our proven ceiling microphone, TeamConnect Ceiling 2. Transform every meeting into an immersive experience, seamlessly connecting all participants, whether they are in the room or joining remotely. With its established track record, this ceiling microphone opens up boundless possibilities in your meeting rooms.

TeamConnect Ceiling 2

Experience Seamless Team(s) Collaboration with TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker

The compact speaker is specially designed for small Microsoft Teams rooms and enables 100% Team(s) friendly collaboration. The Intelligent Speaker is packed with benefits, conveniences and easy-to-use features – benefits that are otherwise only available in complex meeting systems.

TeamConnect Intelligent Speaker

EW-DX: Designed to Make Collaboration and Learning Easier

Choose excellence without sacrifices with the EW-DX digital wireless microphone. This meticulously designed microphone eliminates the need for compromise, offering a perfect blend of user-friendly simplicity and powerful flexibility. EW-DX ensures unparalleled performance without trade-offs.

EW-DX for business

Ensures Effortless Interactions in Your Discussions: MobileConnect

Connect with your audience via the smartphone in your pocket, which becomes a personal talkback microphone and sets a whole new standard for discreet audio accessibility and interaction.

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Simplify Your Space Planning: Experience Sennheiser’s Upgraded Room Planner at ISE 2024

The Sennheiser Room Planner, now more intuitive and user-friendly, streamlines your device planning and room design, unlocking the full potential of your Sennheiser solutions. Join us at ISE 2024 to explore the latest version of the Sennheiser Room Planner, now enhanced with significant new features.

We’ve introduced the Room Plan Upload Feature, allowing you to personalize your audio and video designs by uploading your own room plans. Additionally, the installation height adjustments for ceiling microphones have been refined, offering more precise planning for your specific meeting environments. We've also integrated product guides and specifications directly within the planner, providing immediate access to all the essential information you need for efficient planning. 

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Products at Pro Audio Booth 7A700:

The Next Generation of Wireless Audio Transmission: Wireless Multi-Channel Audio Systems

Sennheiser’s Wireless Multi-Channel Audio Systems (WMAS) will be a real game-changer with bidirectional bodypack transmitters, a space-saving central unit and easy system expansion – find more out about the future of audio at our booth!

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EW-DX: Optimize Your Workflow for Professional Live Productions

EW-DX is the state-of-the-art fully digital UHF wireless microphone system for professional live productions in Sennheiser's Evolution Wireless digital family. Find out more at our stand about the equidistant frequency grid, the switching bandwidth of up to 88 MHz and other features such as Dante integration of the 2- and 4-channel variants.

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Audio Interface Without Compromises: MT 48

Neumann will be showcasing the new MT 48 audio interface as well as a selection of microphones for studio and live use such as the TLM 102, KMS 105 and the Miniature Clip Microphone system (MCM) as well as an immersive loudspeaker setup consisting of KH 150 studio monitors and a KH 750 DSP subwoofer.

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Immersive Audio for a New Generation of Car Lovers

Renowned as a global leader and trailblazer in immersive audio, with a range of category-defining products in both professional and consumer audio, Sennheiser has taken a unique approach to sound quality with the Tavascan, one that goes beyond simply adding more loudspeakers. Instead, the exceptional immersive sound experience is achieved through sophisticated proprietary software, meticulously tuned by Sennheiser’s expert sound engineers. At ISE, you get a unique opportunity to experience what the sound of modern entertainment will sound like.

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