AMBEO for Headphones

AMBEO for Headphones

Learn about the most effective ways to capture binaural sound for easy on-the-go headphone reproduction.

The ubiquity of headphones

The ubiquity of headphones is undeniable, they are peoples’ constant companion – always and everywhere like never before. AMBEO for Headphones is a fantastic way of creating easy-to-produce immersive audio content for headphone playback. It is based on recording with a dummy head microphone, an old technique re-imagined by using new processing technologies that enable completely new binaural mixing workflows and offer the ability to enhance the audio with spatially processed spot microphones.





    The advantage of

    The advantage of the KU 100 dummy head is its natural tonal balance. The use of additional spot microphones will add the creative flexibility required for many modern productions. With Dear Reality’s state-of-the-art spatializer plugin dearVR PRO or the free binaural panner dearVR MICRO, engineers can enhance their mixes with a true perception of direction, distance, reflections, and reverb.


    Pairing the Neumann KU 100 or the AMBEO VR Mic with additional spot microphones, processed with dearVR PRO, will give you full flexibility and total control over your binaural recording. You can easily position additional sources into your immersive mix without the unwanted effect of coloration.


    As it is only stereo data (as used for streams, downloads and on CDs), AMBEO for Headphones is the easiest format to deliver and requires no special hardware. Make sure that your audience understands that this content should preferably be consumed over headphones. 


    Stream  AMBEO  Binaural concerts from Moods jazz club

    Senneheiser parnered up with Moods - Zurich´s legendary jazz club - to offer ABEO Binaural streaming of concerts on moods. digital, making it the world´s first streaming platform to offer concerts in AMBEO 3D audio.

    Click here to experience great live concerts  in AMBEO Binaural and hear the difference yourself. To be played over headphones! more