IDE Business School Ecuador

Sennheiser and Smart Click revolutionize the sound for the students of IDE Business School of Ecuador

The client

The IDE Business School was born in 1993 in order to professionalize managerial work, developing excellence in decision-making and strategic vision, and placing the dignity of the person as the axis of the success of the organization and society in the long term.


The challenge

IDE Business School faced problems with their existing microphones in their master classrooms as these did not achieve the required level of intelligibility; remote students complained about the audio quality they received. Smart Click’s recommendation to face the challenges of the institution was to use Sennheiser equipment, particularly TeamConnect Ceiling 2, because of its advanced technology and the many benefits it brings.


The solution

Following a successful demonstration of the product by distributor Smart Click and Sennheiser with the IDE IT Director, 16 TeamConnect Ceiling 2 were installed in the main classrooms.

“What we liked most about TeamConnect Ceiling 2 is that it works practically stand-alone, we don’t have to worry about connection, sound pick-up or volumes, and the new features help us to obtain extremely clean audio.”

Stefany Acuña, ICT coordinator at IDE

IDE Business School, Ecuador’s leading business management school, selects Sennheiser’s TeamConnect Ceiling 2 technology for the future of its touchless audio classrooms.

TeamConnect Ceiling 2 (TCC2) proved to be the best choice as it provides the optimal technology for the sound experience in classrooms, conference rooms and meeting rooms with many easily adjustable features that make the listening experience enjoyable and clear. Authorities and the technical staff of the IDE Business School found in TCC 2 the most efficient solution for transforming the institution’s classes and conferences into clear and pleasurable listening experiences.

Before finding the perfect solution with the experts from Sennheiser and Smart Click, the educational institution had classic radio frequency microphones, which caused many sound issues that hindered a productive learning experience. Additionally, IDE faced the new challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic with an increased need for remote participants of classes. In hybrid classes, a balance needed to be established so that remote students could receive information through clear audio and without technical problems.


Collaboration of IDE with Smart Click and Sennheiser

According to the university, the most important thing was to have the support of a company specialized in the implementation of solutions. “The service, quality and product demonstrations by Smart Click in collaboration with Sennheiser were impeccable”, stated Daniel Susaeta, CEO of IDE.

Hernán Domínguez, Business Communication Manager in Latin America for Sennheiser, worked hand-in-hand with Smart Click to address the project’s challenges by installing 16 TeamConnect Ceiling 2 which solved problems in the main master classrooms by generating excellent sound quality for all users. TCC2 offers ease of installation, freedom of movement, clear audio and a completely touchless microphone solution that reduces potential hygiene risks, which is critical in times of the COVID-19 pandemic. “Sennheiser was the solution of choice because it made a huge difference. The students who were connected from home are able to hear in real time and with incredible clarity what is happening in the classroom, really feeling part of the class”, said Daniel Susaeta. In this way, the educational quality and innovation of the institution remains intact, thanks to the professional solutions, technology and expertise of Sennheiser and Smart Click.


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