MKH 8000 Series

MKH 8000 Series

The hunt for audio authenticity

For many audio professionals, the mission is singular: to capture sound as purely and authentically as possible. The recording environment is ever-changing: on set, on location, in the streets, or in the wild. Audio recording professionals need microphones that are reliable, durable, and above all, accurate. Unfortunately, instead of flexibility, typical condenser microphone capsules feature a rigid diaphragm that inhibits sonic sensitivity. Instead of durability, typical condenser microphones are susceptible to harsh environments.
This is why Sennheiser created the MKH 8000 series — RF condenser microphones with a remarkably different design that is more reliable, durable, and accurate than traditional AF condenser microphones.

Only Sennheiser’s MKH series offers the unique combination of all these features:

Extended bass response: The low-tension diaphragm responds to low frequencies much better than conventional stiff diaphragms, allowing for a wide response range down to the lowest frequencies. 
Extended treble range: Up to 50 kHz, which captures sound in fine detail and with exact transient response.
High efficiency and low self-noise: With conventional condenser mics that have stiff diaphragms, the mid frequencies need to be acoustically dampened to get a linearized frequency response, and efficiency is lost. However, the freely vibrating diaphragm of RF condenser microphones does not require such damping. It can directly reproduce all frequencies across the full range of its audio response, resulting in a very natural sound and high sound efficiency. 
Clear, consistent sound with no off-axis coloration: The pick-up patterns of conventional condenser mics are created using acoustical filters, which cause off-axis sound coloration. But with MKH 8000 mics, no filters are needed, allowing for a coherent and natural sound image.
Low non-linear distortion — avoids adding new frequency spectrum, thus maintaining sonic clarity.

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