Certified solutions for Tencent Meeting

Tencent Meeting, with over 300 milllion registered users, a strong market share and global brand awareness, is one of the most influential video communications platforms in China. As one of the global leaders in audio, Sennheiser’s TCC 2 is the perfect match for Tencent Meeting Rooms.

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TCC 2 pairs perfectly with Tencent Meeting Rooms to create optimized conference experiences

The advanced TCC 2 provides enhanced support for business users of Tencent Meeting, improving conference audio experience through stability, reliable audio pickup, and ease of installation. TCC 2's patented adaptive beamforming technology automatically detects the speaker's location and follows their voice, allowing them to move freely without the need to carry or pass a microphone Additionally, TCC 2's TruVoicelift significantly enhances the speaker's audio quality, reduces background noise, and improves speech intelligibility.

The solution consists of Sennheiser's TCC 2 microphone Q-SYS’s Core 110f audio processors, SPA Series amplifier and ceiling loudspeakers. It brings professional audio and video conference experiences to business users.

  • DSP: Q-SYS Core-110f
  • Ceiling microphone: Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling Mic 2
  • Ceiling Speaker: Q-SYS SPA series
  • Digital power amplifier: Q-SYS AcousticDesign Series

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