TCC2 Camera tracking troubleshooting

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TCC2 – Camera tracking/ beam issues

In the event you encounter issues with camera tracking with your TCC2, it is advised to consider the following: 

1. In Control Cockpit, verify your TCC2 firmware is up to date by selecting your TCC2, and going to the Device tab.

  • Additionally in Dante Controller, double check that all firmware updates have been completed within Dante Updater as well.

2. Make sure all DSP is up to date.

QSYS, for example, has its Automatic Camera Preset Recall plugin available within its Asset Manager.   

For more information, see: 

News: Automatic Camera Preset Recall v3.1 Update ( 

  • Additionally, make sure that the DSP and corresponding control plugins are referencing the correct IP address for microphone coordinates.

  • If needed, you can get the TCC2’s IP address within Control Cockpit on the Network tab, under the Ethernet column. 

3. In Control Cockpit on the Zones tab, verify that the beam is acting properly and tracking around the room.  It should be reflecting when someone is speaking in real time.

  • If the beam itself is snapped straight down all the time, verify your Dante routing within Dante Controller.  This generally indicates that one of the TCC2’s outputs (on the Transmitter side) is routed to its AEC Reference Input (on the Receiver side).

  • If the camera tracking is working but pointing at the wrong area altogether, you can recalibrate its position within Control Cockpit > Zones so that the TCC2 mic is oriented properly.  Click "Change Orientation" to adjust the mic’s 12:00 position if necessary.  The mic being properly oriented will then relay the mic’s actual beam coordinates, which the camera tracking utilizes.