Create immersive audio experiences

Create immersive audio experiences


Immersive audio is the new standard for artists and musicians to touch their audience with a more emotional and realistic sound experience. Dear Reality's software audio tools turn creative visions into reality, providing exceptional sound quality and innovative workflows for audio professionals.

Professional software tools and workflows

Dear Reality and Sennheiser AMBEO offer compelling software solutions and comprehensive end-to-end workflows. The advanced spatializer plugins allow mono or stereo recordings to be easily transformed into immersive experiences with enhanced distance perception. dearVR AMBI MICRO provides complete access to Ambisonics recordings captured with the AMBEO VR microphone.

Dear Reality's reverb plugins add an immersive fingerprint and enrich any stereo mix with the most natural reverb. For mixing, dearVR MONITOR and dearVR MIX create virtual studios that allow easy, fast, and reliable mixing on headphones - anytime, anywhere.

For interactive applications, such as games or apps, dearVR UNITY adds another sound dimension to the Unity game engine, and dearVR SPATIAL CONNECT rounds off the package, allowing complete control of linear and interactive workstations in VR.

“Dear Reality’s spatial audio tools provide depth, spatiality and enrich the audio experience. You can easily hear the difference wearing headphones, on your mobile device and your loudspeaker setup. Any mix in which I used the dearVR PRO spatializer sounded much better. It just enhances the enjoyment of listening to music.”

Peter Wezenbeek | Studio owner & initiator, The Bob Marley Tracks